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Email Media Report Offensive

Email: Media Report Offensive

The Media Report Offensive email is sent to a specified user when a media is marked as offensive.
The email is sent by providing data to the API call media.reportOffensive, and only when the following 2 parameters are passed to the function: "templateid" and "to".
The "templateid" defines the template to be used for the email, and "to" defines the recipient's email address.

To create the Media Report Offensive Email template, follow these steps:

Supported Attributes

media_id The id of the media reported as offensive.
vhostThe id of the application that contains the media reported as offensive.
dateThe date and time that the media was reported as offensive.
uidThe id of the user who reported the media item as offensive.
reasonThe reason why the media was reported as offensive (if provided by the user).

Sample Template:

The media {$media_id} in application {$$vhost} has been marked as offensive by user with id {$$uid}, on date {$$date} for the following reason: {$$reason}

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