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Email Gamification

Gamification Email

This is a system-generated email which notifies users that they have completed a challenge, have received points for it and have reached a new gamification level.
This occurs for actions such as creating a profile and uploading media.
In order for this email to be sent, you need to set an email template with the name set as 'gamification_newLevel'. Please see below for a sample template.

To create the template, follow these steps:

Supported Attributes

action The action that was done in order to complete the challenge.
challengeID The id of the challenge that the user completed in order to reach the new level.
level The level that has been reached by completing the challenge.
points The number of points that the challenge is worth.
uid The user id of the email recipient.
user The firstname and lastname of the recipient of the email.

Sample Template:

<p> Hello {$$user}, </p> <p> You have received {$$points} points for the completing the challenge {$$challengeID} by doing action "{$$action}". You have reached level {$$level}. </p>

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