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Application templates

Application Templates

Application Templates pages or portions of pages. They accept the use of front-end coding languages (HTML, JS, CSS) as well as Newzulu components for the output of static and dynamic content.

Editing templates:

The Newzulu Platform CMS includes a basic template editor that uses file locking and records that last edit by time and user. The editor is accessed via the applications tab in Newzulu Platform. The web-based editor may not provide an ideal experience for a developer working for many hours on customizing the application. If you prefer a desktop editor experience, you will need to configure WebDAV for Newzulu Platform. WebDAV instructions can be found in the developer documentation. There is no template locking in place for WebDAV.

Creating a new template:

Newzulu Platform



These templates are generally embedded within other pages and templates using <fm:Include name="subTemplateName">. You can pass parameters to sub_templates that allow you to create intelligent switches based on where you have included the file.

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